Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

So, I thought I would just start by telling you a little about me, and my goals.
I am 20 years old, and my birthday is in February. I was married at one point but that didn't work out for reasons that I won't specify, till maybe later... No, I am not bitter against marriage I think it's a wonderful thing and it can be so much fun with the right person! I think I am a pretty fun, outgoing person, who loves to play and meet new people and I Love to laugh, I mean who doesn't?
I plan on going to school at UVU in January, I don't know exactly what I want to do yet so I am just going to get my Generals out of the way. Then in a year I am going to France to take school there and I can't wait!!
I am training for a full marathon next year and I am hoping to keep up with my sister who has been doing it for about 2 years now. But I have loved running my whole life so I don't think it will be too hard since I already like running far anyway!
Other than that I am just me having a ball living life and it is, wonderful!

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