Friday, March 27, 2009

First off...I haven't written in MONTHS and I figure it's about time since everything is completely different but I start to type and my mind is suddenly gone without no apparent reason, I know what I want to say, I know what has changed...but what to say?
So here is my best shot really as I am not Stephen King or Charles Dickens!

I am now 21 years old, my birthday was a blast and all I can say is that I have the most wonderful friends! Have you ever played curses and REALLY played just gone all out and made a complete fool of yourself? Man I never knew becoming a werewolf would be so much fun! Yeah...had to be there, there...HAHA! (no one will get that one)

I have been at my job for about 4 months now, and yes it's true it's not a long time at all but I have never thought about calling in or leaving early. It's an amazing place full of awesome people and there is always laughter which is really important. I also got a raise this month, apparently I am doing a good job! YAY for me!

I had to postpone college till the summer semester which I sign up for next week! I cannot be any more excited! I have all sorts of classes I want to take and it's just tough to decide which to actually take otherwise I will just be in college forever because I just want to learn! But starting off I am just going with math and french because I don't want to overwhelm myself since I have no time to do anything anymore anyway! Math, because it's the thing that you lose the most of the fastest and french...well because I have always wanted to and in order to go to France next year I must learn french! Go figure!

I cut my's short. I know it was 100% drastic but since I am a different person I figured I needed to show it openly. I am so glad I didn't get it done before but I am so glad I had it done in the first place, thank you Alexys for holding my hand while they cut off the first 8 inches! It's an A-line and it's a little bit shorter than my shoulder so not too short but nothing I am used to!

I bought a new car, my Jimmy is my favorite and I can't believe I ever went with something other than a jeep in the first place! It fits me perfectly, white with tan top and it's lifted about 2 1/2 inches! I am still working on the sound system but it's almost there, just a little more bass and we should be good!

Lets see what else? I have gone snowboarding about 13 times this year so far and if it snows again I will be going...again next year, season pass for sure! Today instead of going to work I went snowboarding don't worry my boss and her boss both knew, well since my boss went with me it works out quite well!! My marathon training started last week and it's so much fun, my first will be the St. George Marathon on October 3rd, 26.2 miles! WOOHOO! I am training for MMA fighting, and I LOVE it! I only wish I started sooner but hey "C'est La Vie" right? My guitar is going very well I am actually going to play "Tribute" by Tenacious D when I am finished writing this because it's so much fun to play but so is "Wonderboy" haha I know I am crazy but seriously just anything on the guitar is a blast! Lets see what else... OH I am almost done practicing for my CD I go and pay for the recording hours next week and then the week after that we will record it all! I cannot wait although I don't really know what to do after that other than going and singing in karaoke bars or whatever and I don't mind that so I will find them!

Well that is my life as of right now and I am loving every second! I can't sit down and take a breath at all but I enjoy it that way!!

"Live your Dreams"